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Mesa Moda brings you up-to-date on original, artistic and ethically minded fashion happening on the streets and in the boutiques of the Plateau Mont-Royal district of Montréal and connected areas

original in the sense that this is a report on fashion viewed to be novel, fresh, inventive and/or re-inventive as the case may be

artistic because this is a report on style that shows imagination and skill

ethically minded in that this is a report for the intellectual fashion lover who thinks about the bigger picture behind what he or she chooses to buy

August 18, 2008

So long to Mesa

Just to let everyone interested know, my year in Montreal is up so that means goodbye to Mesa. Thanks a lot to everyone who helped out on my blog since last September. It was a great experience and I was so lucky to meet such great people who were happy to lend their time, thoughts and hard work to the project.

I have a new project about to start here on home soil (Dublin, Ireland) and I may do a blog to go along with that. I will keep this site up and running for now and give news of the new site when the time comes round.

Big thanks also to all readers of Mesa. For those coming across the blog for the first time, don't be dissuaded from having a look through the archives. There's a whole lot of info there on the wonderful Montreal fashion scene worth checking out.

All the best,

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Chris Lynch

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